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Donate because your my friend, you love my work, and because you care :3
All of the points help me in keeping the animals here happy and healthy :)

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BonezWayzKennels's Profile Picture
Chuckles McLaughy
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a fun loving person that is always trying to look to the positives. I collect things that make people judge or question me, but I do it cause it makes me feel happy. Come as see my stuff. I am trying to keep myself updated on here, but I am trying so don't be mad if i haven't been on here for a while, its because i work graveyard shifts and being up during the day is harder for me
For you all to keep in mind, I work at a senior facility and i am a caregiver. I work from 10pm to 6am, so i am sleeping all day and awake at 5pm, well on good days haha


Learning alot by BonezWayzKennels
Learning alot
I got this book called the Encyclopedia Book of Animals and it has the Siberian Husky in it and while we were looking through it Khana Dog wanted to stop and learn about her past :D
My very sweet girl by BonezWayzKennels
My very sweet girl
Khana Dog is really enjoying herself for being her first time at my parents house. shes very sweet to the cats and as for the dogs (my dog, and my moms two dogs) she has yet to encounter. There is TONS of snow outside so im hoping tomorrow i can get some pics of her in the snow. any suggestions for taking pics out in the snow?
My trouble makers being GOOD!! by BonezWayzKennels
My trouble makers being GOOD!!
Rainier has been up at my parents with me so he knows how to behave, but Dunkin has never and he pretty much shut down and has been in one spot all day just hanging out and trying to get use to things. both are doing great
Khana Dog cuddling Snickers the cat by BonezWayzKennels
Khana Dog cuddling Snickers the cat
Myself, Khana Dog, Rainier and Dunkin are up at my parents for the night, and moms cat came to cuddle and hang out with us and Khana Dog was curious and so for her first time meeting a cat, they both did great. 
Im gonna do my best on this, so please bare with me on this hahha

1. What was the very first Douglas plush in your collection?

Rubin (Bonez) the Russet Husky (Pit Bull/ Husky)

2. Was that plush the one that got you collecting Douglas?

my Rubin, cause then my second was Sundance spotted horse and then it just went on from there :D

3. How did you first learn about Douglas plushes?

When I joined DA i think 3 years ago, i saw some people with theirs and i felt at home and comfortable with showing off mine.

4. Which Douglas plush is your newest addition?

My most recent is Nadia (Khana Dog) the Husky, and here pretty soon it will be others coming into the mail :D

5. What is the biggest plush in your Douglas collection?

Gus the Golden Retriever is my largest

6. How about the smallest?

All of the minis i have, you can see them in my gallery; Feisty, Meadow, Sheba, Shorty, Devon, Pepito, Clanger, Steward, Blizzard and Ashes

7. Name the oldest made Douglas plush in your collection.

My Squirt the dalmatian

8. Name the most recently released plush in your Douglas collection.

Dunkin the Lab Mix (Pit Bull/ Greyhound/ Husky)

9. What is your favorite Douglas plush in your collection?

For me its my Bonez (Rubin), Rainier, Dunkin, and Khana Dog (Nadia). In reality all of them are my favorites

10. What is your favorite Douglas plush ever?

For me its my Khana Dog and Rainier, and Bonez, but like I said I love all of them

11. What is your favorite size of Douglas plush?

I love the 16" and up!! just love them

12. How many different species are represented in your Douglas collection?

Five; 1. Dog, 2. Cat, 3. Horse, 4. Pig, 5. Wolf

13. Do you have any duplicates in your collection?

Nope, and if i ever do then the duplicate would be up for sale or trade.

14. What is your favorite non-dog animal Douglas has made?

I really love my Sassy (Seabastian) the Himalayan Cat, and Spoink (Pauline) the spotted pig

15. What is your favorite dog breed that Douglas has made?

I love the huskies, pit bull, dalmatians, and newfoundlands

16. Douglas cats, yay or nay?

I think yay, because they have some that are just too cute to pass up ^^

17. Do you generally keep the names that Douglas gives their plushes or change them?

It really just depends. Naming things is one of my favorite things to do, and sometimes or most of the time Douglas's names for certain ones just dont fit the dog or animal and so I'll find a better one.

18. Have you purchased accessories for any of your Douglas plushes?

Yes, not all but some of my dogs have collars, tags, choke chain, and harness. i just love bringing them more to life then they really are. And I get better pics ;)

19. Have any of your Douglas plushes ever gone out on errands or road trips with you?

Not on errands, but if im headed to my parents house then YES!!, if im headed out of state, then YES!! I have too cause just that "Company" helps.

20. Do you have any stores near you that sell Douglas animals?

well kinda. i live in a town, thats all country folk and farmers so our local farm feed store sells SOME certain breeds, which is really lame, so i take to ebay and the actual store for my other plush, cause they just dont carry them.

21. How many Douglas plushes do you have left on your wish list?

OMG i have no idea, hahaha i would really have to think on that :P

22. Which way of acquiring new Douglas plushes is better, buying or trading?

ummmm, for me i have NEVER traded with anyone and trying to right now with my Gus, but i dont mind buying cause sometimes thats what you have to do.

23. What is one of your most memorable Douglas experiences?

I think for me was when I got my Rubin (Bonez), i was i think 11 or 12 and my grandma took me to our local farm feed store and i had some money i earned and really wanted something. I went to where they had their plush and breyer model horses (cause i have been collecting them more so then douglas), and in the plush section i saw Rubin, and just loved him. i was rushed cause we had to go, but i told myself i needed to come back, so i hid him in the back of the pile and went to my grandparents. about a week later my mom had to come to the same place and i ran to the plush area and dug through where i remembered and omg i was shocked to find him still there, so i grabbed him and a spike collar and he was forever mine. I have gotten ALOT of crap over the years, mostly on here about how my Rubin looks, well get over it, hes very loved and kids do stupid shit sometimes, so please lay off. but that is my most memorable.

24. Do you have any (real life not internet) friends who also collect Douglas?

No, and nor will my real friends ever know cause i am very very embarrased and dont want to look stupid, the only person who knows is my bf. 

25. If you could go back in time to any *one* year to buy retired Douglas plushes, what year would you pick?

I would go back to 2005-06 to get TWO rubins and then 2003-04 to get Rudy the pit bull

26. Your hopes and dreams for upcoming Douglas releases?

for me it would to have to be that Douglas makes another pit bull, and red husky. I love pits and huskies and just would go nuts it that happened. I also want more breed options for the large ones and the 16" floppies, i mean they have the "Common" breeds and for me thats boring and unwanted in my collection, to me they need to spice things up a bit and bring in different breeds

Thats it!! hope you enjoy ^^

Im gonna tag-     and

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